Xanax 1mg

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Generic Name: Alprazolam 1mg

Imprint: G G 2 5 8

Strength: 1 mg

Color: Blue



What is Xanax 1mg?

Xanax 1mg is a benzodiazepine that helps in the treatment of the panic disorder, anxiety, and all depression problems. This drug comes in the form of tablets that can be consumed for controlling extreme panic disorder conditions. The drug instantly provides relaxation feelings to the person having panic disorder.

By panic disorder, we mean sudden panic attacks in which a person is not able to control himself. The condition can be very disturbing and requires instant medical care. For this, people can take Xanax 1mg which has been one of the best panic disorder medicines.

Dosage of Xanax 1mg

A person with the problem of panic disorder should take Xanax 1mg with time intervals of 3 to 4 hours and two or three times a day. If the dosage of Xanax 1mg does not seem to be working, then such a person can also take Xanax 2mg. Xanax 1mg should be taken for at least three to four days before deciding to increase the dosage.

Side effects of Xanax

Lightheadedness Drowsiness Dizziness Sudden change in sex drive Hallucination Difficulty in communication

These can be very rare side effects of Xanax 1 mg. These side effects are for informational purposes and your side effects might be different. You should not worry about the side effects if you are taking the drug in the right way. You would be very less likely to suffer from any of these side effects as long as you follow instructions.

Precautions of Xanax 1mg

People should also make sure that they are not allergic to any of the components of Xanax. If you are allergic to any of the components, then you should strictly avoid the dosage Xanax 1 mg. Also, the people who have the habit of consumption of alcohol should avoid alcohol while on the medication of Xanax. Taking alcohol along with Xanax would cause increased dizziness effects.

This condition can also be harmful to a person. So, these conditions should be strictly taken care of. Old age people should also be careful with the medication of Xanax. Elderly people are more prone to suffering from the side effects of Xanax.


Overdose can be a very troublesome condition for people to suffer. For this reason, we strictly suggest our customers follow the right instructions to take this drug. In case of an overdose of this drug, a person should immediately reach a doctor and seek help. Xanax 1mg can be a very helpful medicine but should be taken carefully.

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